English Book Club


MUKIVA hosts Book Clubs in English for lovers of literature, who have a very good level of English, but who want to practice by taking part in book and/or short story discussions, which are led by Dr. Ian Copestake, a native English-speaking academic who teaches at the Goethe University.

Thera are two types of English Book Club you can join:

A monthly novel class during which four novels (listed below) will be discussed.

And a weekly short story class (Once you sign up to this class a short-story for discussion will be sent to you via email.

All meetings are informal and friendly and aim to give you a chance to air your thoughts about the books and stories we read, while being led ty a knowledgeable literary scholar and teacher of English and American literature at the Goethe University.

To join, contact Ian Copestake directly on copers@gmail.com

Costs: 80 euros for the monthly novel book club and 70 euros for the short story class.

Weekly Short Story Book Club (Fridays, 7.30pm to 9pm)

4th September

11th September

18th September

25th September

2nd October

9th October

24th April

1st May

8th May

Monthly(ish) Novel Book Club (Sundays, 1.30 pm - 3 pm)

16th August

13th September

27th September (2.30 pm to 4 pm)

11th October